Cloudfield participated in CargoHack Event

Cargotec organised CargoHack event 8 – 10 April 2016 in Tampere. Cloudfield Operations Oy Ab was one of the companies agreed to participate the event. Especially to be the first time ever, it was perfectly organized. Also the teams participated to the event were strongly committed and top quality. There were lot of measured data, virtual models, sensor systems and real machine data available for teams in order develope ideas further.

The main idea of Cloudfield offering is to minimize the required infrastructure and maximize the use of information available from existing minimalistic infrastructure. This time adding functional machine connection into integral part of the QFL service information management framework didn’t result award. However, CargoHack was great experience and very inspired event. It gave a lot of new viewpoints and ideas also for us. Especially it awas interesting to experience the usability of a drone in practise.

For more details, see CargoHack website: